Thursday, September 29, 2005


Top 10 Highlights from the Death Boat 2005 trip (in no particular order):

10. Taking the Booze Limo to the Booze Cruise
9. Starting the drinking before noon every day
8. Making up our own sign language
7. "Stae-shon clozed!"
6. Eating way too much
5. Hanging out at Tatas & Beer
4. DJ AJ's randomness: "Louie louie louie!" & "Are you ready to kiss your mother?"
3. Dancing the night away on a rocking boat
2. Taking over the kiddie pool
1. Spending the weekend with such a fun group & being able to celebrate Liam's birthday with him

Monday, September 19, 2005

We Survived Death Boat 2005!

Just hours before boarding the cruise, a few folks in our group informed the rest of us of the following news story, which occurred weeks before, on the exact ship we were about to spend the weekend on:

"September 2nd, 2005
Three workers die on board Royal Caribbean cruise ship:
While doing routine maintenance aboard a docked Royal Caribbean cruise ship Friday a container of raw sewage spilled, releasing methane gas and killing three workers..."

We laughed at the story, renamed the trip from the "Booze Cruise" to "Death Boat 2005," and wondered if all of us would make it back alive. If the methane gas didn't kill us, then the amount of alcohol consumed possibly would.

It's now Monday, I'm back on land (although it still feels like the ground is rocking back and forth a little when I walk), and am happy to report that, at last count, we came back with only one man down. Out of our group of 23 people, Jim hadn't made it out when we left, and that was only because they hadn't called his color to leave yet. We saw him at breakfast and he was very much alive, so neither the methane gas nor the alcohol claimed anyone in the group. It may have debilitated us for a good day or so, but we are okay otherwise.

The trip was a blast, and I'm glad so many people were able to celebrate Liam's 30th birthday with him. We mostly drank, ate, drank some more, danced, hung out at the pool and drank even more. Fun times and lots of laughs, it's too bad that this stae-shun iz clozed!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Wait, wasn't it just August??
Well, according to my last blog entry it was. How has half of September managed to slip by me without my realizing it? Time, he's a sneaky little feller. You all be careful, cause he's quick and before you know it, he might tiptoe away with weeks of your life too.

After a year or two of talking about going on a cruise for Liam's big 3-0 birthday, it's actually here: he's entering a new decade tomorrow, and we'll all be celebrating with him over a Booze Cruise of a weekend. Heading to Ensenada, Mexico for some beers, fish tacos, and good times with friends. Happy Birthday Mr. Ferris!