Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Witches and Whales

I did two very exciting things this week!

First: I got a call Sunday morning to see if I wanted to go see Wicked that evening (some friends were going with a group of their other friends, and there happened to be a last minute extra ticket.) Of course I wanted to go! I almost flew to New York City just to see this musical last year! I've missed the LA showings twice now, and I guess the third time is the charm. It was wonderful. Great music, funny, clever, and nothing like the book.

Second: some of my friends work on a tallship sailboat, the American Pride, and I went on a whale watching trip with them Tuesday morning. We saw a small gray whale heading north and ran parallel to it for about ten consecutive blows. It was absolutely AMAZING being so close and seeing it surface, blow, and the tail come out when it dove back down!