Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm in Lurve...

...with Apolo Ohno. He's an awesome short track skater and such a charismatic, positive, and inspirational guy. So freaking adorable!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quitting Fries

French fries series

I've finally hit the year mark! Last year I decided that, because I love them so much, I needed to give up french fries for a while. I realized that I didn't have any will power to "only eat a few of them" or to "choose the salad side instead." When they were in front of me, I ate more than just a few, and when they were a menu option, I never chose the salad. I gave into my weakness too often, since french fries are everywhere. To overcome my fry-problem, I felt like I had to make drastic decision: quitting them altogether.

Okay, so sweet potato fries? They were my one exception to the fry-quitting stint, for two reasons: 1. they're not normal french fries, they're sweet potato fries and 2. you don't find them very often, so it's a nice little treat when you do. (My friends have given me a hard time for my reasoning, but it doesn't really have to make sense to them. These are my rules, after all.) So, besides my sweet potato exception, I gave up all regular potato fries. Which meant no potato wedges, shoestring, curly, steak or crisscut fries.

It wasn't an easy thing to resist, especially when they smell and look so yummy, but resist I did. At first, I wasn't sure how long I was going to do it for and assumed I would go until I gave in to temptation. But as the weeks and months passed by, I finally decided that I would do it for a year and then reassess my fry-less life. So here I am! It's been a year. And I think I might continue with this crazy idea...