Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh, vicious cycle

Stubborn. I’m stubborn, and it may be the death of me someday. I hold on too tightly to these feelings, knowing I shouldn’t, but not knowing how to let go.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"It is vital for us to remember we are on an unknown arc toward an unknown future. There is still a great deal to be discovered and perhaps a number of current understandings to be overturned."
-Beautiful Science exhibit at the Huntington Library

Huntington Library

Monday, April 13, 2009

See Jane Camp

Last weekend's fun camping trip...

Drank some beer. Mmm Fat Tire.
Chillin with my beer

Tried out my new tent. Love it, although I'm still trying to master the art of exiting it gracefully.
My New Tent!!

Went on an 8 mile hike. It was mostly uphill, ugh.

Took pictures of wildflowers.

Enjoyed a peaceful pond.

Hung out by the fire.
Hanging out by the fire

Went tidepooling--I heart octopuses!
2 Spot Octopus

Checked out the moon through a telescope.
Moon through the telescope

Wore fun beanies.
Me & Jen

Monday, April 06, 2009

Attack of the Evil Squirrels, Part Deux

Several years back this unfortunate incident occurred, during the 1st Annual Leo Carrillo Camping Trip. A great lesson was learned then: beware of the evil squirrels. Since then, we have always been diligent about throwing our trash away and not leaving food unattended. As long as we were cautious, we wouldn't have another run-in with those furry guys...Or so we thought...I think we've learned a couple of new lessons this year:

1. Never underestimate what hungry squirrels will do to get to food.
2. Never forget that the lid of your plastic-lined soft cover cooler is not plastic-lined.

They can't chew through the sides, but they can definitely chew through the lid. They ate all of Emily's fruit and veggies and a whole bag of chocolate covered pretzels. Those guys must be happy and fat right now.
Attack of the evil squirrels

Empty cooler, but the squirrel is still trying to go back for more--hadn't he had enough?!
Squirrel going back for more

I had a wonderful weekend camping! Hanging out with friends, hiking, and tidepooling. Ahh, wish I was still there. More on the trip later...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Time to Relax

Going on my 4th Annual Leo Carrillo camping trip with friends tomorrow. Ahh, time to relax and cleanse and let go of stress. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend away!