Monday, June 07, 2010

In the blink of an eye

Yesterday was February. I blinked. And today, today we are partway through June. Summer is approaching and I’m not quite sure how four months passed by so quickly. I have been swamped doing things, but besides a few events, I can’t really account for my time. That’s how life is, though—you get caught up in so many things and before you know it, time just slips through your fingers. So, since I can’t recall the details of what has been keeping me so busy the past few months, let me at least share pics of a few of the events that I do remember...

Old roommate, Ann, was in town during her spring break. It was fun to see her and hang out, we went hiking and biking. We also went on a sail and had an American Pride crew reunion--it was so much fun to see those guys again and made me miss all of our good times on the boat!
Stream crossing
Bike ride
American Pride crew reunion

Went on our "1st Annual Pt. Mugu Camping Trip", or AKA "5th Annual Malibu Camping Trip" with a group of friends...

Worked. Worked some more. Worked really hard. No, we were really hard at work, I swear...

Alicia and I went to a Rise Above Plastics/Surfrider event that Kat was working. What we learned was to "Recycle, YO!"

Went camping at Mount Laguna...
Mt. Laguna camping trip
Alicia & Staci

FINALLY went on a photography outing with my friend Kera. We had been trying to get out with our cameras for months, our last attempt resulted in her breaking her foot. But this time, we successfully made it out and actually took pictures! Here's my shot of a night heron...
Night Heron

Went camping at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We did some hiking, some of it through snow, saw amazing views, relaxed, hung out. It was beautiful and a lot of fun...
It is thiiiiis big
Group photo