Wednesday, October 27, 2004

An Explanation

I'm bored. Yes, friends, it's true--this *being semi-unemployed* and *no-more-studying-or-school* thing isn't so fun after a while. Sure, I was relieved and overjoyed that I graduated. I also had an amazing time on my graduation trip, traveling through Europe for six weeks. And at first, it was kind of fun being back home and having nothing to do but search for a job, while all my other friends were working 40-hour weeks or cramming for those three exams they had coming up. But now, (gasp!) I'm bored. One can only job-search, go out, volunteer, read, watch tv, go to happy hour, drink, and hang out so much. After a while, one just needs something MORE. This is why I desperately need a job! (Aside from the fact that my bank account is severely suffering...)
In the mean time, while still waiting for that wonderful job to come along, I will just have to amuse myself in other ways. So this site is a manifestation of my boredom. Enjoy =P


  1. if you surfed, you wouldn't be bored nor would you ever, ever pray for a 9 to 5 job.

  2. I agree with the surfing statement. I'm excited you started a blog though. Thanks for inspiring me to give mine a face lift and start writing again!

  3. jane, what if anne-marie had given up ???

    anyway i think you have stiff competition with this blog thing. you've got a lot to live up to with little kelsey's blog.

    by the way have your friends bought a KERRY TERRITORY shirt yet?!