Friday, December 17, 2004

Congrats, Goodbye & Good Luck!

A big congratulations to Laura & Ryan, who've survived their very last semester at CSULB and have finally earned their BS in Marine Biology, YAY! And for the rest of my Hawaii buddies-- JoAnn, Jen, and Chase--congrats on finishing up your finals and hang in there, you guys will finish soon enough! (Trust me, you don't want to rush into the real world too soon, lol) I'm excited for Laura that she's done and gets to move on with her life, but I'm also really bummed to be losing my happy hour & weekend buddy! Gone, are the days where I ride my pink cruiser over to her house to convince her to go to happy hour with me. Gone, are the nights I have to drag her off the club's stage on the Thursday 80s nights. Oh, they were fun times. I will definitely have to try to visit her in Australia when she's there for Grad School (BTW, Haley--Laura's planning on going to JCU for grad school. If I visit her, it will be so weird being on the campus again! And, I can't believe we were leaving this time 3 years ago!) So again, to Laura & Ryan, congrats and good luck in all that you do! And goodbye to Laura, who will be moving home Monday, I'll miss you!

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  1. If you go to JCU you have to take me with you! Could you imagine going to The Club or Bullies! How fun would that be?!? 3 years has gone too quickly!