Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Vegas, Baby!

Heading out to Sin City this weekend, and I’m so excited! Haven’t been there in exactly 1 year and 10 months, so it’s about time I go again. Occasion: Meghan’s 26th birthday celebration. Location: Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, with the lazy river I’m very much looking forward to floating on. Attendance: there's about 12 of us going out there, including the Ferris' and my roomates, so it should be a fun weekend. Agenda: go out, dance, drink, and gamble all night, then sleep at the pool and work on my tan all day. Expected average temperature: 108F—ouch, haven’t been in hot weather like that in a long time.
Jake and I were thinking of seeing Blue Man Group, but decided we’ll spend the hundred-dollar-ticket money elsewhere—you know, on more drinks and gambling and stuff--can't wait!


  1. I really do want to see it, but just not this time around. By the way, Anitza, are we still going to meet up out there, and were you able to pull any strings for Mandalay's Aquarium?