Thursday, January 25, 2007


Did I ever mention that I went to truck driving school a couple ofmonths back? (Probably not, since I've been very inconsistent withmy posts. In my defense: not having internet access at home significantly affects one's blogging endeavers and abilities. So, I apologize for not having mentioned many things...) Yep, I went to truck driving school, and can now competently manuever a huge-ass truck (containing live sea stars, fish, baby sharks and other nea tmarine animals) on side streets and freeways. I'm sure it's funny trying to imagine little old me sitting behind the wheel, but I think it's kind of cool. I was definitely a big chicken at first, and didn't want to practice driving at all. But with a little push and some encouragement, I no longer have a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel and can drive at posted speeds (instead of below, haha). All I need is a trucker hat now! =D Going out on ourAquarium on Wheels outreach program has been a lot of fun. There's a fair share of hard work, and can be very tiring with 4:45am starttimes and 13-hr work days, but I'm enjoying what I'm doing. That's what really counts.

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