Thursday, February 15, 2007


You would think that one would have kicked the old procrastination habit after having graduated high school, obtained a bachelor's degree, lived on their own and entered the working world. You would think that one grows up, matures, and learns to no longer procrastinate.

WRONG! Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator. And I am the prime example of that. I just can't seem to rid myself of this habit.

I recently started a class at CSULB--an intro to the science single subject teaching credential program (something I'm considering going into.) We had an assignment--our Science Autobiography in the format of a brochure, poster, webpage, podcast or song--given to us the first day of class that was going to be due in two weeks. I had TWO weeks to do it, and the NIGHT BEFORE it was due, I was scrambling to get my webpage done on a friend's computer, kicking myself the whole time. Yes, I've always worked well under pressure. Yes I finished the assignment and turned it in. But I definitely don't enjoy working under pressure and being stressed out, and really need to learn to stop this procrastination problem...

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