Monday, February 16, 2009

Things that irk me #4

Two things happened at work recently that still has me baffled. I love my job, I love my coworkers. But I really just don't get people sometimes.

A few weeks back: I walked into work on a Tuesday morning with my jacket. It wasn't cold enough for me to wear at the time, so I placed it on the back of my chair. Later that afternoon, I went to go put the jacket on and discovered that it was gone. I searched around the office and asked everyone there, but no one had seen it. For the rest of the week, I kept searching and asking, but there was still no sign of the jacket. How annoying. Imagine my surprise when I walk in the next week and find the jacket, sitting there innocently like it hadn't been missing for a week! I honestly don't mind people borrowing my stuff, I'm very good at sharing and loaning things out--but could you at least ask? I never heard a peep from the culprit. Seriously, how do you take someone's jacket for a week and never say anything? I really don't get people sometimes.

Yesterday: I had a small box of leftover food that I brought in for lunch. It was 3 slices of (expensive) pizza from a tasty local Italian restaurant, La Parolaccia. I placed this box in the fridge at work. Now, this isn't a fridge that is shared by EVERYONE at work, just our small department. There were less than 15 people at work in our department yesterday. So...I had a busy morning, and was hungry and looking forward to eating my food at lunchtime. When I went to eat the said 3 slices of pizza, I found that there were only TWO slices in the box! WHAT?!!?!! WHY in the WORLD would you TOUCH or EAT food that is NOT YOURS?!? I REALLY DON'T GET PEOPLE SOMETIMES.


  1. To go with your hobo gloves theme ... times are rough, petty crime goes up, people "borrow" jackets and steal pizzas. I'd get a safe box.

  2. The same thing happened to me when I worked at AOP and my name was on it.