Thursday, December 19, 2013

New beginnings

"Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings."
-Jonathan Lockwood Huie

October was a month full of dear friends who are like my family, an organization that helped me grow up and into the person I am today, a job I had wanted for a long time and worked hard to get, hundreds of volunteers I cared so much about, a wonderful city I called home for 14 was hard saying goodbye, but it was full of celebrations and heartwarming well wishes. Leaving so much behind was bittersweet, but now, I'm on a grand new adventure! Yes, adjusting feels strange and lonely at times, but that will fade away as I make new friends, find a rewarding job, and fill my time with fun activities and hobbies. So far, this next chapter has been amazing in so many ways. Here are a few things I've been up to...

Morning walks along the coast. It looks different every single day, sometimes it's calm, serene, and mystical. Some days it's bright and cheery and other times it can look so wild and rugged. I'm always in awe at the many ways this coast can reveal its beauty. And the wildlife, so much to see! Seabirds, otters, dolphins, whales, harbor seals, a large male elephant seal. I'm thankful I get to live here and witness these things every day.

Hiking, exploring and enjoying nature. This is one of the things we were looking forward to the most, having the outdoors so close and accessible! It's incredibly beautiful and there's so much to explore. We've only been hiking, so I can't wait to camp and backpack soon too.

Taking some time to breathe, slow down, relax and reflect. To sit and read with a cup of coffee. Try new recipes and cook hot delicious meals. To volunteer, get involved with the community, and learn new skills. To be crafty and create gifts. To take in this wonderful new life!


  1. Oh Jane, I miss you! I'm happy that you are making a life for yourself out there and that it looks to be treating you very well. Hope this next year brings you lots of wonderful experiences and memories to cherish. *hugs*

  2. Anitza! Oh it makes me so happy to see that I have at least one reader out there! =) With time on my hands, many thoughts in my head, and few people to talk to these days, I decided to start blogging again. Didn't expect anyone to still be following the blog, so it's great to see you commenting. Miss you too, and I know you'll have an amazing, busy, crazy and beautiful year ahead!