Friday, October 31, 2014

This day, last year...

I cried many times and said goodbye to so many people and things. Coworkers, volunteers, and friends dear to my heart. A place I started coming to during my high school years, when I was seventeen, and where I continued to volunteer and work at for the next 15 years. Almost half of my life was spent there, so many memories, and it was bittersweet to say goodbye to it all. I took this departing photo of my desk (the cleanest it had ever been!) just as a little reminder of the hard work that I put into a job and place I loved so much. This day last year, I closed one chapter of my life and started a whole new story...

Today, one year later, I was blessed with this gorgeous sunrise on a morning walk with an old friend. 

And I got to meet Bee, an African blackfooted penguin.

It's a very different life from the one I led a year ago, but such a wonderful one indeed. I'm grateful for it every single day! 

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