Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happenings Since the Last Post...

The Relatives and Xmas
For the holidays, my big sis, Kat, came into town from NYC, and my aunt & little cousin, Long, (actually, I don't think I can call him little anymore--he's sixteen now, and a whole head taller than me) came from Geneva, Switzerland. They were here for 10 days, so I've been busy hanging out and entertaining them.
Kat, the recently turned surf-nut (who, btw, is heading to Puerto Rico for the THIRD time at the end of this week), brought her board to check out the California waters. I hung out at the beach a couple of mornings while she went out with my friends Bennett and Micah. It was awesome how beautiful and sunny Xmas week was.
Long, who was so excited to be visiting the states before he came, had no input on what he wanted to do when he got here. So I just took him to see some movies and he stayed with me & Kat at my apartment in Long Beach a couple of nights, where we played a number of fun games of pool. We also braved the crowded mall a few times, and he was happy to go shopping in our cheap stores (I guess in Switzerland, the clothes he bought goes for almost double our prices).
For Xmas, our other aunts from up north drove down, and our uncle came over with smart & talented 9-year-old Yvonne (who's currently reading Great Expectations...who reads that at 9? I still haven't even read it, at 23) & funny 1-year-old Andrew. We all got together this Holiday because my Grandpa's health hasn't been great lately. It was a chaotic, asian-style Christmas, with presents, no tree, and a buffett of Vietnamese food.

It's been raining like crazy since Tuesday, and our mountains have been dumped with about four feet of snow. This is great news, because we had a warm spell for a while and all the snow that came down in late Oct/early Nov had melted away and our resorts closed for a short period. But now, it's a winter wonderland up there. Bennett, Kat, and I attempted a boarding trip a few days back, but were turned away after our 2-hour drive to the resort. Apparantly, they sold out of lift tickets. It totally sucked!!

A New Year
I worked New Years Eve & New Years Day, but managed to squeeze a party in between the two. My friends the Ferris', Meghan & Liam, hosted a party at their new house. It was fun, complete with a Martini Bar, serving 9 different martinis. Mmmm.

What's Next
Now that all the relatives have left, and there are no more holidays to celebrate, life is going to die down back to normal. I'm snowboarding tomorrow (and hopefully a few more times this month), picking up volunteering again, getting my wisdom teeth pulled out on Wednesday, and of course am going to start the job hunt again. Wish me luck!

PS..check out some new pics on the photoblog!


  1. Hey Jane,
    This comment is completely unrelated, but have you seen "Open Water"...thought you might enjoy it (sharks, water, drama)....ha ha ha!


  2. Whaaaaaattttts up! Jane!!!!! This is Raj, Kat's ex from San Francisco. Love hear about Kat!!!!