Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Earth Month

It's Earth Month!

Cleaned the beach twice this weekend. On Saturday was the monthly 30-minute beach cleanup here in Long Beach, which I discovered browsing the net one boring day at work. Check out www.beachcleanup.org for more info on it. Attendance was up to about one hundred, and it was really nice to see parents bringing out their children and involving them in helping the environment.

I had organized my own beach cleanup for Sunday, and although there wasn't a big turnout, I managed to get some friends out to Sunset Beach--my sincerest thanks to Meg, Liam, Jen, Wendy & Kiernan for making it out and supporting me! We filled five trash bags full of crap, and still didn't make a dent in cleaning much up. It was a mess, and was a pretty sad sight--all the rain this winter must've washed all the litter in the streets into the storm drains, down the washes, into the ocean, and up onto the beach....Hope some of you can make it to the next cleanup I put together, so we can get rid of all the styrofoam, cigarette butts, tshirts, sandals, hangars, lighters, beer bottles, straws, netting, pens, food wrappers, and whatever other junk might be out there still!


  1. hey jane,

    you rock for being so pro-active about the beach cleanup. i think i should participate in some at rockaway beach here before i leave.

    you go girl.

  2. If I lived near you, I'd join in your efforts! You're awesome! Keep it up - the earth thanks you. =) You should think about joining Surfrider...