Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

This year's plans: like every year, eat lots of good food and give thanks to having family and friends around. Happy turkey to you all!

I'm thankful: for family moving back to Cali--chaotic, crazy, and sometimes annoying, but it's always nice having them close to home because, after all, they are family; for all my wonderful friends--whether near or far, you're all close to my heart and I'm glad we are on this journey of life together; for finally finding a job and being able to establish my financial independence (paying off that credit card debt feels great!); for realizing that I really do love science and it's the directioin I want to eventually take my career in; for having fun roomates who keep me entertained with things like their candy wars; and for all the traveling adventures I've been able to go on this past year.

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