Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gloom and rain, here I come!

I'm taking off on my week-and-a-half vacation to the Pacific Northwest, and am so very excited! First stop will be Portland, to visit Haley. I've only seen her once since Australia (which was five years ago!) so it will be very fun to hang out and see her corner of the west coast. Next, I'm heading over to Newport on the Oregon Coast, where Mesha now lives. We're going to do some driving tours, and hopefully some hiking if the weather cooperates, which I'm looking forward to. Lastly, I'll be going to Seattle. Sara and Francine are flying in, and we're going to spend St. Patty's weekend exploring the city. My first flying-required vacation since NYC last February, and I'm so happy to be traveling again...

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  1. dude, u r gonna LOVE it up there. i'll have to email you some good places in seattle. do u need a hookup to see the aquarium in Newport?