Wednesday, September 26, 2007


that's how many miles i put on my car this past weekend! but a lot of if was an amazing scenic drive, so it's okay...

drove up to south lake tahoe on friday for alicia and jon's wedding. the rehearsal was on a cold rainy saturday morning, and the wedding on a freezing sunny sunday afternoon. although very chilly, the wedding and view was beautiful and we all had a great time! (we just won't mention my party-foul moment with red wine splashing EVERYWHERE...)

drove to monterey on monday and visited the aquarium, where they currently have a GREAT WHITE SHARK (!) on display, which was pretty darn cool. they also had two HUGE mola mola which were sooooo awesome too. such funny looking guys.

drove down the coast yesterday. it was my first time doing the highway 1 drive, and i loved it! the wind in my face, the smell of trees mingled with the smell of salty ocean and seaweed, beautiful views....oh, it was so nice.

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