Sunday, September 30, 2007

off to the island

i'm on the boat this next week, on what will be my last trip for a while. we havn't been to the island since august, so i'm excited to be heading back. hopefully the water will still be nice--it was great this summer, i didn't wear my wetsuit all of july and august. so sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, tidepooling, sleeping under the stars, here i come! (i still can't believe i get paid to do all that.)...

although, i AM NOT looking forward to our anchor watches at night. ugh. i'm going to be so tired when we get back. it's an 8-day work week for me, and then finally things, events, and life will die down for a while. i'll be looking forward to vegging...surfing the internet...reading...watching some football (haven't been able to catch many games this season because of all the busy busy-ness) know, just normal everday stuff that you can do when you have time to chill. it'll be nice.

also, i just wanted to give a huge CONGRATS (again) to haley on her engagement!!! i am so super excited for you two!!!

wow, '07 isn't even over yet, and i already have 2 weddings in '08 that i'm going to attend. the madness! everyone is getting hitched, it's crazy!

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