Friday, November 16, 2007


Ticket to India, check.
Vaccinations, check.
Cut my hair, check.
Travel visa, check (Well, almost. I don't physically have it yet, but It's currently being processed.)
Lonely Planet guide, check.

The trip is coming up quickly, and I'm almost all set to go. I haven't been abroad since my trip to Europe in 2004, so it is very exciting that I get to travel again! Although excited, I'm also pretty nervous about going for some reason. Watched Darjeeling Limited this week to gear up for the adventure in India...
Not only do I get to travel, but I get to experience an Indian wedding. And not just any Indian wedding, but one of my dearest friends is getting married. Soon, Resh will be married and living in Boston. Wow. We're all really growing up, aren't we?...

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