Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Never again.

So I'm told that my birthday outing went well and was fun. I'm told that I drank quite a bit and took a lot of shots. I'm told I even disappeared for a while (guess I went on walks with friends.) Apparantly, I had a pretty good time, although I don't remember any of this. What I do remember is sitting and hanging out with all my friends during the early part of the evening, just having some beers and chatting. Then, I remember puking-on the grass, in the fountain, in my toilet, and all freaking night long. That night was one of the first times that I've blacked out. (It's an eerie feeling that I don't like one bit--knowing that I was talking and interacting with people, but having absolutely no memory of those moments and conversations. I feel like I've lost a little part of my life.) Oh well, people shove free drinks in your hand when it's your birthday, so who's going to say no to that? So that will be my excuse, it was my birthday. But I don't want to be passed out on a toilet ever again. You know, getting a little too old to be totally trashed like that. What happened to being older, more mature, more responsible? It went down the toilet that night. Literally. (Haha. But never again.)

On another note, I just have to say that the Pats-Giants Superbowl game was AWESOME! Well, the last quarter was at least. Actually, the last few minutes. Those exciting moments makes me so glad that I started watching and enjoying football! What a great win!!!


  1. I've been meaning to ask you how it went! I left around 9:30 and you were already soooo gone by then! You still came out and walked me to the car because you wanted to say hi to Juan but I was amazed that you could make it back on your own. You totally had a great time, too bad you can't remember it all!

    And the game was AWESOME!

  2. oh my gosh, i totally remember insisting on walking you out and remember talking to juan for a bit. don't remember what i said to him though! geez, he must have been amused! **wanting to hide from embarrassment** lol

  3. Dude, we've all been there more than once. I got kicked out of a club once. That was not fun. Oh well, gotta live a little. Gotta destroy your liver a little.