Monday, February 18, 2008

Whale Searching

I spent my weekend on boats--Saturday on the Christopher, and Sunday on the Pride. We were supposed to be whale watching, but ended up just whale searching instead. Two days on the water, and I didn't see a single whale. That's the way it goes with these trips sometimes, but I had fun anyway. What we saw on Saturday really made up for the lack of whale sightings--a superpod of about 2,000 Common Dolphins. Now, I've seen large pods of dolphins before, but this one beats all those others. The water swirled and boiled with these guys swimming all around the boat--imagine, thousands of dolphins! It's a pretty amazing sight. They are so beautiful and graceful, swimming and slicing through the water. Right in front of us, one was being very playful and acrobatic, jumping about 10 feet out of the water and spinning before splashing straight back into the sea. So awesome.

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