Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to the motherland...again

Wow, I can't believe our 10 days hanging out with Catherine and Nick have come and gone so quickly.  I'm so happy that plans worked out and that we were able to meet up with them during their world trip.  It was so much fun being able to explore and travel with a group of friends!  They flew in the night of January 3rd and we've done so much during the past week and a half--Saigon, Cu Chi tunnels, the Mekong Delta, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap & Angkor.  Today is our last half day in Cambodia, Rae and I are flying out to Hanoi this evening to finish the last leg of our trip in Northern Vietnam, back to the motherland once again. 

I've been pleasantly surprised by Cambodia.  Besides the Angkor ruins, it has never been on my must see list of travel destinations.  I was just going along for the ride, it was more of a "why not?" rather than a "I have to go there!" detour out of Vietnam.  In the end, I am so glad we came here, even though we had to sacrifice the Central Vietnam towns of Hue & Hoi Anh, which I still really want to visit (next time!)  In our initial planning stages, we were only going to stay in Cambodia for three nights.  But in the end we also had to cut out Phu Quoc island, off the tip of the Mekong Delta, since it would be too difficult to get to in such a short period of time (next time!).  So we stayed here for six nights instead of three, and now six nights still just isn't enough!  I would happily stay longer if I could, but alas, we have other adventures calling us in Hanoi & Halong Bay.  

Tuk-tuk driver to Angkor: $9 for the whole day
Buffet dinner & Aspara dance show: $10
Can of Angkor beer: $1
Cambodia souvenir shirt: $2
1 hour traditional massage: $8
Great adventures with friends: priceless!

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  1. That is awesome you get to travel so much!!! I enjoy it too, except I can't travel as much. I am only 24 without a job. and i need to go back to school... I enjoyed your blog.. I just started I hope to learn from you :)