Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Funny Shirts, Part II

Okay, here are a lot more of the funny rediculousness. We were having a grand time roaming the market stalls and laughing about these...

Eat Babe For Face
Alternate get trick for fun

This was the whole phrase on one shirt. Really?! It makes no sense!

Beautiful love
What's in your jeans?

This was also the whole phrase on a shirt, haha.

I'm superstar

Ape should never kill ape

Life is worth when you see the world of life

Sheep happy time, this is a happy bear
Another completely random one, what do sheep and bears have to to do with each other?

Always breathless confusion

I heart drugs


  1. So many languages want to be English. Xp

  2. "Oh here go hell come!"
    so eloquently stated by calvin from the fashion show


  3. I kind of want the "beautiful love" one...

    - Chris C. -

  4. @Chris LOL, had I known, I would have gotten it for you!! Aren't the shirts awesome?

  5. OMG hilarious !!! My fave is the very solemn-sounding ape should never kill ape. Oh, and always breathless confusion. Classics for