Monday, February 28, 2005

Last & First

Yesterday was my very last day at the Aquarium, and today was my very first day at the new job!

My presenter career ended on a good note. On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Miller, our large male sea lion. David, one of the mammologists, took me into the exhibit and I got to touch, feed, and do some training behaviors with Miller. I even got a nice slobbery kiss, which was very exciting =P (check out My Photoblog). We had a going away lunch on Sunday, complete with a cake, which was very nice of the volunteers and my other coworkers to set up. I finished off my last day at the Aqurium by taking a lot of pictures, doing a fully booked Behind the Scenes tour, and doing my favorite presentations--the two Seals & Sea Lion feeding and training sessions, and an Otter feeding. Everyone came up to see the Otter presentation, which was my final one for the day, and gave a big applause and nice little goodbye speach for me, which was so nice! I even got a little teary eyed, seeing how much they all cared. I will miss all my wonderful coworkers at the AoP!

My first day today went well. And some good news--I'm not going to Bakersfield for training! The 16 weeks of training will take place via satellite from here. (I'm so thankful that I don't have to go out to the boonies for 4 months!) Nothing much happened today, just had a basic orientation, and got my huge cubicle. It's kind of nice having my own desk =P

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