Sunday, January 22, 2006

Quote-o-the-day (with a bonus vocab-word-o-the-day)

"When I look at the night sky and consider my relationship to it--one puny organism, out of billions of puny organisms, just sitting in the remains of an ancient chapel, breathing in and out, watching for shooting stars, trying to pick out the constellations, still--this moment both grounds me in the tactile reality of dirt, air, and skin and also lifts me up to believe that there must be someone, something up there, there must be. While floods and famine and cancer certainly suggest the universe is pure chaos and randomness, the beauty in the elaborate and connected natural order of things--of the veins of a leaf, of a river, of a bolt of lightning, to the veins in my hand--suggest there is purpose and meaning and, yes, maybe even somthing bigger and better than us. And more than the incredible natural order of the universe, there is love: how can love be the product of anything short of divine?..."
-The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters, Elisabeth Robinson

Epistolary: written in the form of a series of letters

(The above quoted book is an epistolary novel, and the first one I've ever read. Took some time getting used to the format the story was being told in, but I started to enjoy it more as I got further into it.)

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