Sunday, May 21, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt

My friend Anitza recently sent her friends, as the title of this post implies, on a photo scavenger hunt. I thought it was a fun idea, and encourage you to participate and pass it along to your friends also!

Here are
  • My Scavenger Hunt Pictures

  • And here are the instructions, per her website:
    Grab your camera or cameraphone and take a picture for each of the items in the list below. The photos must be taken by you for the purpose of this meme, that's what makes it fun! Feel free to get really creative when taking those pics and sharing them. Then post this message and list, replacing number 15 B with something that you want the next people to take a picture of. Don't forget to say who you nabbed this meme from, or who tagged you so they know you fulfilled their request in #15.  Oh, and don't post something that you will regret later, like people you didn't get permission from, or a shot of your SS card or something!

    1. The first thing I see when I wake up.
    2. My favorite spot in my dwelling.
    3. A sign that I see everyday.
    4. Something in my everyday life I never noticed before.
    5. Something I am embarrased to own.
    6. What the inside of my fridge looks like.
    7. The inside of my purse/backpack/thing that I use to carry all my crap in.
    8. Something that is alive in my home.
    9. Something cool.
    10. My transportation.
    11. Things that I collect.
    12. Something that I am addicted to.
    13. Something hideous.
    14. Something beautiful.
    15. A: Special request fulfilled for magicalobizuth: One of my favorite toys.
           B: Special request from Jane: Your favorite food.

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    1. Hey Jane! It's so awesome that you posted your Scavenger Hunt! I was leaving random comments on the images in flickr, which I am sure you noticed. :D