Thursday, May 25, 2006

A couple of things

I went bowling last week and bowled a 137, my personal best! Although not an amazingly impressive score, I'm usually happy if I can break a hundred, so 137 was a bit of an accomplishment. Exciting!

Podcasts are great. Who needs talk radio, when you can listen to things that actually interest you? Thanks to Anitza, I've discovered and subscribed to Pottercast and Mugglecast (cause keeping up with the latest in the Harry Potter world is important!). Discovery Channel and Grey's Anatomy are on my download list too, and I just love them! Podcasts are also good listening material for when you work out, and the best thing is they're free. Oh, I really do heart podcasts!

And, Happy Memorial Weekend to you all!!


  1. 137 is freakin awesome! And yay for podcasts! Have you checked out our own (lackluster) podcast? AoP has a few things up.

  2. I love to bowl! I am not that good, but I enjoy it thoroughly. I think my personal best was a little over 140 or something, but that is rare. Next time you plan on playing some ten pin, give me a ring!