Monday, June 19, 2006


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So, I get home from my trip last night and turn my iBook on to check emails, and find this picture as my desktop! Since I locked the door to my room when I left, Jake and Justin decided to mess with me. They had figured out how to open my door the last time I went on a trip, and had left me with a new desktop then too. I thought this one was hilarious, so had to share. It's Jake, wearing a fro wig, pretending to eat chilean sea bass. (The chilean sea bass line is this inside joke between us. I'm always badgering them to eat sustainable seafood, and they're always messing around saying they love chilean sea bass.)

Story and pictures from Virginia and the wedding to come...


  1. WAAAAH !!!!

    LOL !!!!

    jake kinda looks like erykah badu.

  2. I saw that on flickr first, and was SO confused! I knew I had to come on here and read all about it. That is HILARIOUS! The boys rock!

  3. i know, it's so funny that i just can't be mad at them for BREAKING INTO my room. i guess boys will be boys, haha.