Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Letter from Kat

So, although I haven't seen "An Inconvenient Truth" yet, I do plan to sometime soon. Here's an email from my sister Kat and what she has to say about it...

Dear Friends,

Like the flick of a switch, my interest in politics came to an abrupt
halt on November 5, 2004, when Bush was again given the presidency
despite all the grassroots efforts to get rid of him. I had given so
much of my own personal effort, and it seemed all my energy was in
vain. I took off to Puerto Rico the next day in symbolic withdrawal
from it all, and since then, my fire hasn't been stoked enough to
care enough, to take action.

Until I saw "An Inconvenient Truth" last night. If you're going to
spend $14 on a summer movie this year, let this be it. The message is that global warming is real, and polar ice cap melting is real, and super-hurricanes as a result are real, and that our choices as consumers, the way we live, is putting incredible stress on this planet's fragile ecosystem - and the question is, when we see the facts, are we willing to make changes to the way we live?

It's very easy to live in our insulated bubbles of reality: The world
of shopping malls, TV, gossip magazines, billboards, credit cards,
Martha Stewart living, fast cars, bespoke clothing, fun gadgets,
sport, distractions. It's hard for us to walk outside of ourselves
and see what else is happening down the street, let alone across the
span of the globe.

This movie takes us out of our lives and lets us see it all at once:
Our living planet.

In the very end of the film, we are shown a photograph of the earth
taken by the satellite Galileo as it traverses through space. Earth
is but a pixel of bright light in an otherwise huge canvas of black
space. That image made me see how fragile our existence is in the
universe. Like Al Gore said, "It's our only home."

And it's imperative that we take accountability for the way we live
on our only home. Go see this movie.

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  1. gee jane, i'm flattered. thanks for posting this.