Monday, October 23, 2006


When I came home to my apartment the other night, none of the lights would turn on. And my alarm clock was off. And the fridge was warm. Then I realized that I had forgotten to call Edison to switch the electricity into my name. *slaps palm on forhead* Oops! Good thing I'm all unpacked and know where most of my stuff is. So I bust out my flashlight--which didn't work. Then I dug into my camping bin and found my lantern, lit some candles and had an evening in the dark...


  1. I had that same thing happen when I moved into the apartment off 10th in LB. Spent my first night in the apartment alone with no gas or electricity on the phone with a friend. Therefore, I hope you get your electricity back soon. Wish me luck...I'm hoping that the apartment complex will call me back and offer me one of the apartments that I toured yesterday. Miss ya.