Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We are starting up daily whale watch trips at work and I went out on a trip to train today. When going on whale watches, people have to realize that they have to be prepared for anything--they may see nothing but the horizon and endless blue water, or they may see something absolutely amazing. Today was one of those amazing days. It was one of those days where you scream and jump up and down because you are so excited. Where your heart thumps and your breath is taken away. Five Orcas. Yes, FIVE ORCAS. As in Killer Whales. As in Shamu. FIVE! ORCAS! Off our coast! One of them was a cute little baby, and one was a beautiful big male (with a huge dorsal fin!) Oh, it was absolutely unbelievably amazing. And to top it off, we ended the trip with a Blue Whale sighting-blows and fluke and everything. *SIGH* Just another day at work...How can you beat stuff like this? It makes being poor and pursuing what you love worth it....

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