Monday, December 17, 2007

Dangerous Stuff

Television shows on DVD can be dangerous. There should be a warning: YOU MAY SPEND PART OF YOUR LIFE ATTACHED TO THE TELEVISION. On the two days I had off last week, I managed to watch the ENTIRE first season of Heroes. 23 episodes in 48 hours. Alicia and I rented just Disk 1 on Saturday night, which only has 2 episodes on it. After watching the first episode, we drove to Target to buy the DVD set....I never got pulled into the Heroes craze last year, but had become somewhat intrigued by it a couple of weeks ago, so finally decided to see what it was all about--and it was great! I just couldn't get enough...Season 2 is online right now, so I'll have to watch all of them and get caught up...oh, dangerous stuff, dangerous stuff...

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