Sunday, December 23, 2007

One Week

Wow, I fly out in exactly one week!
From now until then, my week will be:

-Work my 6th day in a row today, leading another whale watch trip.
-Tomorrow as my ONE day off to get all my stuff done and my butt in gear before the trip.
-Christmas with the family at Kat's place.
-Work Wednesday-Saturday.
-Begin my long trek to India on Sunday.

I'll be flying LA-Tokyo-Singapore-Mumbai, so you can imagine it will be a very long and tiring trip. Anitza gave me this neck pillow thing, so hopefully it will work and I'll actually be able to get some rest. I'm kind of sad that I'll only be in Tokyo for an hour. I'm pretty interested in visiting it, so I guess it will just have to be another trip at another time. And India is a big enough trip by itself.

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