Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Beaches

In honor of counting down to the Twilight movie release (25 days left!), I'm going to post some pictures from my Road Trip to the Pacific Northwest this past summer. First off are the First Beaches, a comparison between the real deal and the movie version.

On the western coast of the Olympic Peninsula, here is the real First Beach of La Push, Washington:
First Beach

Found along Oregon's coastline, Indian Beach in Ecola State Park was the location they used as First Beach for the movie:
Indian Beach

The two beaches do have their differences, but you can also clearly see how similar they are. I think the location scouts did a wonderful job in picking this beautiful site. The beach just had the right aura to it, and you really could imagine Jacob and Bella there. Interestingly enough, compared to the actual First Beach, the one used for the movie was more like what I imagined in my head while reading. After visiting this filming site, along with some others, I am so excited about the location decisions of the filmmakers--as you already know from watching the trailers, it will be a visual feast! Haha, and I'm not talking about Rob here (although that definitely is a visual feast)--I'm talking about the sets & scenery!

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