Monday, October 27, 2008

Mmm, Dumplings

International Dumpling Night

Emily came up with a great idea recently: let's make and eat dumplings! Everyone loves dumplings, so how could you go wrong with an idea like that? So, at the end of last week, Ann & I hosted an International Dumpling Night at our place. Everyone was encouraged to bring different types of dumplings, and it was fun, yummy, and quite a success. Our dumpling buffet table included the following (most of which were impressively home made!):

-Apple dumplings with organic farmers market apples with ice cream, from Carley and Aaron
-Exploding plum dumplings, white people style (this was Alicia's description for her dish)
-Pumpkin dumplings, made my moi
-"Apple" dumplings. And when we say "apple", we mean asian. Filling made by Emily & dumplings hand folded by some of the ladies.
-Black bean and banana empanadas, from Shannon
-Tibetan momos, from Sarah
-Samosas, from Sabreena
-Blackberry dessert dumplings, from Catherine
-Steamed chicken and fried chicken dumplings, from Anitza and Juan
-Potato and cheese pierogis, from Ann
-White folk chicken & dumplings, from Jen
-Blintzes, from Alie

We ate, drank, ate some more and played a bit of guitar hero--the evening was great. Who knew dumplings could come in so many different forms?!

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