Monday, October 20, 2008

free time, what's that?

Wow, time is flying by, I can't believe we're in the second half of October already! I've worked two 6-day weeks in a row now. Although fall is our slow visitation season, I've still had a hefty workload of projects and programs going on, so it's been busy busy. Squeezed in between all that, I've managed to stay pretty occupied outside of work also...Had our book club meeting for The Lace Reader (an interesting and quick read, although we had some issues and questions about the story line and change of voices)...taking a photography class on Tuesday nights (trying to learn how to use the Nikon D200 my dad let me borrow)... went out for Shelby's birthday (where I bowled over 100 twice! woohoo, that's quite an accomplishment, I'm always excited when I can hit 100!)... had brunch with mom and sister for mom's 60th birthday (where we saw Tipper Gore & Al Gore III, by the way)... went to SeaFare, a fundraiser event at the Aquarium (lots of fun, especially with the open bar and food samples from over 20 restaurants)... and took a rock climbing class at a the local rock gym (I've been meaning to do this for over two years now, and finally went! It was challenging, but also very fun.) Oh, there are so many things to do and not enough time (or money) to do it all!

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