Sunday, January 18, 2015

Book Club

I came across this card years ago and it gave me a little chuckle because it described our book club perfectly. Many of us didn't read the books but still showed up to meetings to hang out (and eat snacks, of course!) And others read the books but then didn't show up to meetings (to their credit, they sometimes wrote up book reports to make up for not being there in person.)

I started the little book club back in 2005. Even with busy schedules, and folks not reading or not attending meetings, we still had a solid group that continued to read (or at least attempt to) 3-6 books per year. We managed to keep this club going for 9 years and I loved it. Being part of the group encouraged me to pick up books that I would not have initially been interested in or even known about. It was also gratifying to be surrounded with friends that enjoyed reading as much as I did. And most importantly, it was just so much fun getting together to socialize, nerd out on books, and eat yummy snacks several times a year. After I moved, we attempted to continue the group for a short while with two reads, Gulp and The Cuckoo's Calling. I attended meetings via video chat, but it just wasn't the same anymore. Sadly, the book club has fizzled since then, and I am so bummed about it.

Nine years was a good run, and I am proud that I kept a club going for that long. I will always cherish the wonderful times I had with my own little "Bad Girls Book Club."

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