Sunday, January 11, 2015

Morning Stroll

This morning was cool and foggy. It's the type of weather that this area is known for, although we have seen little of it since moving here. The sunny blue-skyed days have far outnumbered the foggy ones, so it was a nice change to have a blanket of gray-white enveloping of for a little while. There's a special kind of calm that settles over the landscape, and it was perfect for taking a stroll through the neighborhood park with a friend. Fresh air, surrounded by majestic trees and shades of green, hearing birds chirping and fluttering and woodpeckers drumming away. I was once again filled with gratitude to be living in such a wonderful place, one that reveals its beauty in so many different ways. I hope to always continue to discover and appreciate this magic.

We chatted, strolled, and collected pine cones for a project at work. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning!

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