Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Update

Another weekend whizzed by. How is it already May?!

I spent an enjoyable Friday night at the AoP’s Vegas-themed staff party at the LB Convention Center. Meghan was my guest to the event, and while her husband Liam gambled away real money with the boys, we had a blast gambling away fake money at the poker, blackjack, and roulette tables. The fake money we won was used to buy raffle tickets for a number of different raffle prizes that were offered, including a trip to the real-deal Vegas. We didn’t win anything, but it was a great night--with the free drink, food and entertainment—who could ask for more?

Saturday, I worked overtime from 6:45-11:45, then spent the afternoon helping out with planning for a surprise birthday party we threw for an AoP friend, Stef. The party was a lot of fun and she was very very surprised and had no clue, which was how we were hoping it would turn out (some pics are in the photoblog).

Yesterday, I went home to see the fam, did a little bit of shopping at the mall, went for a bike ride with Jake….and all of a sudden….
It’s Monday again!....

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