Thursday, October 27, 2005


My very first blog entry, posted a year ago today, was an explanation. Why would I even start a blog? Who really has the time to keep up with a website that, quite possibly, no one would ever read?. Well, the explanation was this: I created the blog because, and I'm quoting myself here, it was "a manifestation of my boredom."

Boredom. That word doesn't even exisit in my vocabulary anymore. It's interesting, to be able to look back on a year's journey, and see how much has changed. My life has shifted from no-school job-searching boredeom to 40-hr Mon-Fri booked up nights and weekends. I had a hard time adjusting to not being in school and having so much free time on my hands (especially because I went non-stop for 5 years, going to school 4 days and working the other 3 days). Without papers to write and exams to study for, I didn't know if I would be able to fill up my days and evenings with other activities. Having nothing to do was so foreign then. And now, a year later, I've somehow adjusted, activities fill my life, and I sometimes wish I had a little more free time on my hands. When this happened, and how it happened, I'm not quite sure. But I suppose that's how life (and growing up?!) works.

Well, Jane Says...started out because I was bored one day, but it has continued because I've enjoyed posting for friends to read. It's been fun sharing my pictures and my journey with you. So, thanks for stopping by and keeping up with me!

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