Monday, October 17, 2005

Tent with a view

I went four days without a shower this past weekend (I'm sure you wanted to know that.) But, I also spent the weekend on a cliff overlooking the ocean, with no one else around but friends. Who needs to be clean when you have a nice view and pleasant company? Showers are overrated.

The Baja trip was great. Micah, Wendy, Mark, Bennett and I left late Wednesday night, arriving at Punta Salsipuedes at about 3 am. We were greeted by a sky overflowing with twinkling stars, a site that LA residents don't ever get to see. After a couple hours of sleep, we hopped on the road and continued on to our destination, further down Baja. Stopped at a stand for some carne asada tortas (my first torta experience--I didn't even know what they were before--and it was excellent!).

We spent the rest of the weekend at Cuatro Casas, camped out on a deserted oceanview cliff. We read (finally finished One Hundred Years of Solitude), took walks and went tidepooling (the tidepools were great, we went octopus hunting under rocks and found several cute ones--I wish I had my camera at the time to share pics with you guys, but was unfortunately camera-less); I knitted, the boys went surfing a couple of times a day. We sat by the warm campfire in the evenings, and went to bed and woke up to the waves crashing onto the rocky shore. There was no running water and only an outhouse (or squatting behind a bush) to go to the bathroom in, but it was peaceful, relaxing and I had a tent with an awesome view. That's what it's all about. I <3 camping.


  1. Wow, that sounds like it was a lot of fun, in a relaxing way. 'Punta Salsipuedes'. lol I guess you could!

  2. I had a great time Jane, I liked the couple of pictures you have posted.