Sunday, January 06, 2008

Big, Small, Tourist

(Towns, that is.) Hello from India! Wow, I've been gone for a week already, and have experienced so many great things! It hasn't completely hit me that I'm actually here, but I have moments that rush over me, where I'm just amazed that I am standing here in such a foreign and diverse place. The three towns I've been to have been so different from each other. It's nice to be able to immerse yourself in such unique areas and get a little taste of the differences of the country. I started in the booming and bustling big town of Mumbai, then spent a wonderful several days in the quaint and small town of Ratnagiri, and am now in the chaos of the tourist town Goa.

The wedding has come and gone, and what a memorable event it was! (Such a huge event here that it has been all over the tv and newspapers in Maharashtra! Haha, it's been quite amusing to us all.) 3 days of Hindu ceremonies, beautiful saris being worn, wonderful food, and best of all, being able to be here and witness one of my best friends getting married. I am so happy and excited for Reshama and Will! A huge congrats to them!

Although I don't have much time to talk about it all now, don't worry, I've already taken over 500 pictures and still have a week left, so you will definitely get to see and hear all about it!

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  1. i got eat pray love on audiobooks and i'm thinking of you in india!!