Sunday, January 27, 2008


"I tried to describe impossible things like the scent of creosote--bitter, slightly resinous, but still pleasant--the high, keening sound of the cicadas in July, the feathery barrenness of the trees, the very size of the sky, extending white-blue from horizon to horizon, barely interrupted by the low mountains covered with purple volcanic rock. The hardest thing to explain was why it was so beautiful to me--to justify a beauity that didn't depend on the sparse, spiny vegetation that often looked looked half dead, a beauty that had more to do with the exposed shape of the land, with the shallow bowls of valleys between the craggy hills, and the way they held on to the sun."
-Twilight, Stephenie Meyer

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  1. Oh, from "Interrogations"!
    I always thought this was the most beautiful part of the book, their discovery of each other's worlds, so innocent, so normal/abnormal, so ... dazzling!