Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sick, Jetlagged

I am back safe and sound from India! It was another terribly long trip home (although a little shorter than the trip there)--5 hrs from Delhi to Singapore, 5 hour layover in Singapore, 7 hrs from Singapore to Tokyo, 1 hour layover in Tokyo (had some yummy sushi there), then 8 hours home to LA. I came home Monday around noon, tired but feeling okay. Although I tried to stay up and get over the jetlag quickly, I gave in to sleep a little early. Woke up the next morning not feeling the greatest, but went to work anyway because I had stuff that needed to get done. I started feeling worse and worse the rest of the day, until I finally went home early. It seems like the exhaustion of traveling halfway across the world and back, plus the wedding events and tour of India, plus all the bugs that went around our tour group, has finally caught up with me. (At least it's happening now rather than having a horrible time over there.) I got home and went straight to bed, and pretty much stayed there for over 24 hrs. Although all that rest that has helped me recover a little from this terrible sickness, it has done nothing to help me get over my jetlag. It is now 3:30am, and I have been trying to get back to sleep for over 3 hours. Ugh, great! How long is it going to take me to recover?...

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