Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All in a Day's Work

In this episode of Ridiculous Things People Say/Do/Ask, we will be listening in on whale watching trips.

(Very angry, after not seeing any whales):"I can't believe I paid all this money for my family to come on this trip, and we didn't even see any whales! You are an established whale watching institution, you should be able to predict where they are!"
Seriously? *sigh* People can have such ridiculous expectations sometimes. We have predicted where they should be--on their annual migration off our coast. As far as being able to find exactly where they are, that depends on two things--being lucky and having good eyesight. It's a big BIG ocean, people. Whales are big, but not that big.

"Can't you use sonar to find the whales?"
Hmmm. Call me crazy, but for some reason, I think that would be a HUGE problem.

"Do you control the whales?"
Why yes, yes we do. We have this button right here, and when we push it, the whales come up to the boat. And all that driving around the ocean we did the past two hours? No, we weren't desperately searching for whales. It was just to keep you on your toes until we pushed the whale button.


  1. Oh dear lord. Really? REALLY people?


  2. yeah. i know. *another sigh*