Monday, April 14, 2008

All In a Day's Work

(While we were looking at a large pod of Common Dolphins swimming around the boat today): "Are these Mahi Mahi?"
Goodness, no! Dolphinfish are an entirely different thing from Dolphins. Dolphinfish are fish. As in the kind you eat. Dolphins are mammals. As in the kind that are protected.

No whale sightings today, but dolphins are always fun to look at. We also had an awesome Mola mola sighting. I usually see those guys as we cruise by them on a boat, with no time to stop and admire. But today, we did stop and admire the big guy, just floating at the surface on his side. So cool.

And for the record, I was asked the sonar question again.


  1. you could really write a funny monologue about all of these trips and perform it on "this american life" or something. i think you should continue to write these observations and put them into a collection. they're HILARIOUS !!

  2. oh btw that was me ... forgot to identify myself!