Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grunion Rap

The night herons are out
Maybe looking for the grunion scouts

Are they here for fun
Or are they here for the run?

The tide is high, the moon is low
The time is right, lets hope they show

We're on a grunion run
I said grunion,
We're on a grunion run

...okay, maybe I should stick with my day job. I thought it was a pretty clever rap around midnight, but I think it was the lack of sleep kicking in. My friends and I have become Grunion Greeters, and monitored a stretch of beach for a possible grunion run from 11pm-1am last night. Unfortunately, we didn't see a thing, not even ONE grunion scout. It was still a lot of fun though--walking the beach by moonlight, being silly with our grunion interpretive dance, making up a rap, and trying to lure them up the beach with our grunion vocal call, shuffle dance and spirit fingers. Nerds, I know. I'm sooo jealous to hear that the night before, there was a HUGE run over in Seal Beach. Hopefully we'll get to see something the next time we monitor!

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