Monday, June 30, 2008

that's why they call me "The Dealer"

Twilight Conversion Count: 27 friends

So I've been on this mission to spread the love for the wonderful book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. My friends call me The Dealer, and this hilarious email I received today from another friend will illustrate why that name is so fitting...

I am writing to inform you of your "in trouble" status. After (in good faith) checking out "Twilight" from the library on Friday afternoon, on your recommendations, I was ill prepared for the effect it would have on my weekend. Instead of doing the cleaning, laundry, and even eating that would have normally occurred, I finished the book by Saturday evening. During the course of this accomplishment, not only was my rear becoming permanently melded to our couch, but often I would glance over at my unsuspecting husband and think "Why did I marry YOU?" I actually went through physical withdrawal on Sunday. And seriously had to remember that my husband had done me no wrong, he simply wasn't Edward.
I damn you both, and will be at the library this afternoon checking out the next one. Next time just give me heroin.
Love, Twilight Fan #27

LOL. My original goal was to get a few friends to like the book, so I wouldn't have to go to the midnight release of Breaking Dawn alone. I never imagined that I would be gathering a whole gang to join me. Hehe.


  1. You are so bad, and that letter is hilarious! Wish I could go to the release festivities, but I'm afraid a certain 7 year old would not be an ideal companion!

  2. Wait, when did I send you that? LOL