Friday, August 07, 2009

The Best Place Ever

Looking down
Road Trip 2009: Day 2
Hanging out in San Francisco, CA:
California Academy of Sciences
Aquarium of the Bay
Dinner at Park Chalet

Miles driven today=23
Total miles driven=489
# times we got a little lost= 2
# minutes it took us to go about 1 mile on Embarcadero= 50 (ugh, stupid traffic)

I'm in love. The California Academy of Sciences rocks my nerdy world!!! Not only is the building itself amazing (it's the world's largest LEED platinum building), but the exhibits are wonderful too. We spent 5 hours at the Academy, and it was definitely not enough time. If we didn't have a time constraint, I could have easily spent my whole day there. Since we had another commitment in the afternoon, I wasn't able to roam around and enjoy the museum at the slower place that I would have liked. But 5 hours did give me enough time to take in its beauty and fall in love. Guess I will have to return sometime in the future...
The Academy

We also visited the cute little Aquarium of the Bay, then went to dinner over by Ocean Beach. Here's a sunset pic after dinner:
Sunset pic

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